The spread of COVID-19 happened because of Trump’s racist denial of climate change

New evidence arises that the melting of the polar ice caps lead to the outbreak of coronavirus

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s the fact that coronavirus is ravaging our country like never before. COVID-19 is the culmination of every bad economic choice, environmental policy and health effort that the failing Trump administration has lead.

Since we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the spread of coronavirus is directly tied to Trump’s decisions and is therefore 100% Trump’s fault, it’s important to ask how it’s his fault. The answer is simple: Trump’s racist denial of climate change lead to the spread of coronavirus.

During a closed door meeting between Greta Thunberg, Rashida Tliab, Don Lemon and Hunter Biden, evidence came out that the melting of the polar ice caps lead to the outbreak of COVID-19. They also agreed that Donald Trump is a racist, which vindicates their credibility.

The facts are straight forward – Donald Trump’s denial of climate change lead to the the global pandemic our planet is facing right now. The only way to fight off against coronavirus is put forth a stimulus package that regulates carbon emissions from airplanes and provides bailouts for Planned Parenthood. Anything apart from that is simply bigoted.

Diversity is our strength.

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