The biggest stock rebound in history on March 23rd 2020 is actually due to President Obama’s economic policies

Yet more proof that Barack Obama was an infinitely better president than Donald Trump

It’s no secret that the stock market took a dive because of Donald Trump’s racist environmental policies that lead to the outbreak and spread of coronavirus. This caused the economy to be in shambles as the stock market dipped lower than the day he took office.

On March 23rd 2020, however, the stock market rebounded and jumped up 11% in a single day – marking the biggest stock market gain in the history of the American economy! This is fantastic news for the country and hope for the future.

This just goes to show how well former president Barack Obama’s economic polices were and how stalwart our country has become – and it’s all thanks to him. Some may question what the former US president has to do with the current 2020 stock market. The answer is simple:

Any dips or crashes in the stock market is Trump’s fault. Any gains or rebounds in the stock market is Obama’s doing. Anyone who disagrees is a racist bigot who carries with them a strong disdain for African Americans and has no place in our country. Our country was founded by immigrants. Diversity is our strength.


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