Why We Should Abolish The Police Entirely

When it comes to police violence and police brutality, they are not just isolated cases. The entire institution of the police is corrupted. There isn’t a single good police officer in existence.

The movement to abolish the police force nationwide is about transforming justice, prisons and police-based strategies for dealing with violence and crisis in oru communities. As we know, when it comes to violence and criminal activity in our cities, the last thing we ever want to do is call the police.

Think about it. Who hasn’t had a bad day? Who hasn’t felt anxious or depressed? Who hasn’t illegally purchased a firearm and felt like shooting up a daycare center? The question is, should anyone deserve to die if they decide to act on these feelings?

The police’s main objective is to create criminals out of completely innocent people. Let’s face it, there are no actual criminals in the world.

We have for-profit prisons. When you create spaces in these for-profit prisons, you create a demand. That means people have to fill these spaces. We see these spaces filled with mostly transgender people, black people, native Americans and Latinos Latinx and Hispanics Hispanx. When you have that demand, you create a sort of incentive that trickles down to all police officers who now have that same incentive – to find a way to incriminate non-white people.

It’s no longer about justice. It never really was. Where we need to start is with demilitarizing the police. Police officers don’t need guns, tasers, pepper spray or any kind of weapons. What they need more than anything is compassion and the ability to shut up and listen. We should defund every police force and re-invest that money into reparations for minorities, such as providing free education for Black people.

When you’re looking at it through racial bias in this country, it’s easier to create criminals based on the color of someone’s skin. Especially black and brown skin. Whites never get in trouble with the law. I wonder why? When a Black man walks down the street, he is in danger because from the white police’s perspective, a book becomes a gun, a cell phone becomes a gun, a small bag of crack becomes a gun.

Keep in mind, this isn’t simply an issue against individual police officers. This is a deep concern and a fight against the entire institution of policing. Minority and non-white communities know that they can’t call the police if something bad happens in their neighborhood. Black communities know that too.

The country would be so much better after we finally do away with the ineffective and unnecessary “police” force we have. Once we replace every police officer holding an assault weapon with a kind-hearted listener with open arms, criminal behavior will plummet. Love and compassion are the only things that can combat illegal activity, drug violence, gang violence, domestic violence, child abuse, school shootings and terrorist attacks.

It wouldn’t happen over night but slowly we would phase out the institution of police all together.


The creator of NPC Daily. The mastermind behind the entire NPC Daily movement. Yes, this entire website is satire and not meant to be taken seriously. It's for fun. Chill. See "about" page for more details. Now that we got that taken care of, repeat after me: "Orange man the absolute worst."
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