Nevada man drowns after following Trump’s advice to wash hands amid coronavirus pandemic

Another example of why no one should ever listen to a word Donald Trump says

A tragic story broke on March 26th, 2020 after a Nevada resident drowned in his bathroom sink at the behest of Trump advising Americans to wash their hands frequently. Trump already has blood on his hands for causing the coronavirus to begin with. He further has blood on his hands for tricking Americans into eating fish tank cleaner, promising it will act as a vaccine against COVID-19.

Now Trump has blood on his hands because his reckless orders to “wash your hands frequently” caused the demise of an innocent man from Nevada. His wife shared their side of the story:

My husband heard from the president that washing his hands would be helpful against the coronavirus. Since water and soap help fend off the virus, my husband took the next logical step and submerged his head completely underwater for an hour before I got concerned and pulled him out. He wasn’t breathing. I called an ambulance and he was pronounced dead on the scene. Don’t believe anything the president says.

Shocking. Disgraceful. Our racist and misogynistic president is responsible for so many deaths that the only way our country can be redeemed is if we enact every aspect of the Green New Deal immediately. Democrats valiantly tried to with their rendition of the coronavirus stimulus bill, but the GOP shot it down – just like they shoot down America’s fighting chance for survival.

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