It’s time to admit that only Republican politicians engage in sexual misconduct and never Democrats

Sexual assault accusations against Democrats like Joe Biden should be taken with a grain of salt

There’s a rumor going around that Joe Biden sexually assaulted some women in his past. Obviously, these accusations are made by disgruntled conservatives trying to smear Joe Biden’s clean and immaculate record. As we all know, Democrat politicians never engage in any sexual assault or harassment – only Republicans.

Brett Kavanaugh was obviously guilty of the sexual assault charge against him in 2018 because, simply put, he holds conservative values. Conservatives are notorious for sexism, misogyny and sexual misconduct since they see women as lower than men (i.e. the gender pay gap).

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Trump is obviously guilty of all charges because the privileged pigmentation of his skin, mixed with his gender identity equates to a negative overall generalization. The list goes on. We should believe all women. All accusations should be taken completely seriously –

However – Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a different story. Joe Biden is a Democrat and therefore, carries with him a sort of immunity towards sexual assault accusation. Sexual assault accusations against Democrats like Joe Biden should be taken with a grain of salt.

Simply put, Democrats don’t do anything wrong and Republicans do. Everything wrong in this country can be traced back to the decisions made by Republican politicians and their voter base. Therefore, it is a logical protocol to dismiss any sexual assault accusations brought forth against a Democrat politician simply on the basis of his or her political leaning.

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