My wife’s boyfriend has coronavirus and she might have it too, should I be worried?

How Trump's coronavirus is affecting liberal relationships across the nation

It’s no secret that many relationships are being put to a test of endurance during Trump’s coronavirus pandemic.

As monogamy has began to be rightfully phased out, being replaced with a healthier polygamous culture, many relationships are feeling strain when one of the party’s members gets infected. Liberals across the nation have to make a tough decision in times like this.

For instance, we received a message from a concerned individual whose wife’s boyfriend had contracted COVID-19.

My wife’s boyfriend has coronavirus and she might have it too, should I be worried? I feel it would be socially responsible to let my wife continue to sleep with her boyfriend, considering the fact that I don’t own her and it’s her body, her choice. If that’s the case though, should I abstain from sleeping with my wife and only let her sleep with her boyfriend?

  • Norbert Callahan, 26, CA

Well, Norbert, the answer is simple. No you do not own your wife and since our country has been drifting from monagamy for the better part of a decade, it’s unreasonable for you to assume that your wife should only save herself for you and you alone. Considering the fact that you felt the need to ask such a question, only proves that you don’t understand feminism.

Not only should your wife continue to sleep with her boyfriend, you should encourage it. You should continue to exercise safe social distancing by making sure you are no less than six feet away while your wife and her boyfriend engage in intercourse.

We hope this article is helpful for anyone who may find themselves in a similar situation. Please share this resource so others can be informed just as well.


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