Trump uses coronavirus as a racist excuse to wage war on Mexico because of his disdain for Hispanics

Yet another example of Trump's bigotry and hatred in the midst of a global pandemic

In a startling act of senseless aggression against non-whites, Trump has issued military action against Mexico under the guise of fighting against “drug cartels.” Obviously this isn’t the case. Trump is simply using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to exercise his racist agenda.

It’s no secret that Trump carries with him a strong disdain towards Hispanics. Given the fact that he used racism to ban Chinese people in early march, accusing all of them of having COVID-19, it’s not a stretch to come to the conclusion that Trump is using similar racist ideologies behind his senseless war on Mexico.

We must come together as one and vote out this dictator in November. It’s essential that we vote blue no matter who. If you care about non-whites, then vote for the greatest representation of diversity that our country has to offer – Joe Biden.


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