“I will give my $1200 stimulus check to Bernie’s campaign” the bravery of the liberal left

Liberals across the country are vowing to donate their stimulus checks to the Bernie Sanders campaign

If there’s one thing we know about the liberal left in America, it’s that they have superior values than their conservative counterparts. The country is in crisis as the novel coronavirus has ripped its way through our nation. That being said, we need socialism now more than ever.

That is why many liberals from across the nation are promising to donate their entire coronavirus stimulus check to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Given the fact that Bernie’s medicare for all plan would have stopped COVID-19 dead in its tracks, we can’t afford not to have a president Bernie Sanders in November.

We have spoken to numerous liberal college students who are quarantined, short on cash and in desperate need of financial resourced – yet still have their priorities in line.

I have a bachelor’s degree in women’s studies, I got laid off from Starbucks and my bracelet store on Etsy isn’t doing very well. That’s why I’ll be giving my entire $1,200 stimulus check to the Bernie 2020 campaign. We need socialism in America, democratic or not. Capitalism has failed and Trump made coronavirus.

  • Norberta Norson, Norhal Nevada

Bernie Sanders is still in the race and with your financial support, he could win. If you want to prove to the world just how much of a bleeding heart liberal you are, donate your entire stimulus check to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Diversity is our strength.


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