It’s time to admit that small business owners are just as greedy as large corporations and must pay their fair share

The only reason anyone starts a business is out of greed, money, and suppression of minority employees

Facts are facts. If you start a businesses, you’re doing so to get rich, to hoard wealth, and to oppress minorities who work under you. There is virtually no difference between a mega-corporation like Walmart or McDonalds and any mom-and-pop shop or local market you see in your community. None.

For this reason, small business owners must pay their fair share. It’s time for the “small business loophole” to be closed. Every small business should pay at least $25 an hour and full medical benefits to prove that the business owners aren’t in it for themselves.

The bottom line is that it is essentially selfish to own a business or company. Owning a businesses is capitalism at its peak and liberals across the nation aren’t buying into the propaganda that “small businesses can suffer.” No, they can’t. “Small business” owners know the risk before they get started. If they can’t afford to pay their employees a living wage, full benefits, free food and housing, they shouldn’t start a company at all.

This is why liberals will never, in good conscience, start a company. By nature, liberals and Bernie supporters across the nation are more caring, compassionate and kind than their conservative counterparts on the other side of the aisle. Conservatives are all about money, power, wealth and greed. Liberals are all about sharing, caring, taxing and providing.

The next time you hear about a so-called “small business” suffering because of minimum wage requirements, don’t buy it. See past the greed. Diversity is our strength.

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