Why you shouldn’t panic if you donated your life savings to the Bernie 2020 campaign

How Bernie can still be elected in 2020 despite dropping out of the race

In a disappointing turn of events, Bernie Sanders was forced out of the presidential race due to antisemitic death threats from the alt-right and Trump’s white conservative base. This is an ugly reminder that hatred, misogyny and bigotry are still rampant in the country.

Let’s face it – it was sexist for Bernie Sanders to be forced to drop out. Sanders was a hero for all people regardless of skin color, gender variation, and religious or political affiliation. To express any disagreement with him is to hate America and everything it stands for.

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So what do you do if you were one of the millions of liberal Americans who have donated their life savings to the Bernie 2020 campaign? The answer is simple – just because he dropped out of the race doesn’t mean he can’t be president.

If enough Bernie supporters opt to write-in Bernie Sanders in the general election, he could still be president. We shouldn’t let our hard earned donations go to waste, regardless of whether or not Bernie Sanders endorses Joe Biden.

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If you love your country and you want to live in the democratic socialist utopia our founding fathers dreamed of, there is still a chance for Bernie to be elected in 2020. All it takes is to write-in his name.


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