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The Only Way To Defeat ISIS Is Through Love, Compassion and Acceptance

How do you create terrorists? You bomb the sons and daughters of innocent Muslims did nothing to you. That’s what the US has done in the middle east. Everything from the Taliban to Al Qaeda to ISIS has all been the result of Americans bombing, killing and murdering innocent children and families of people who did nothing wrong.

Here’s a quick history lesson for you – everything prior to 2001 in the Middle East was peaceful. There were no conflicts except for a few scuffles in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It wasn’t until the US decided for no reason at all, to bomb villages in Middle Eastern countries. Obviously, this upset the otherwise peaceful and culturally accepting communities in that area.

They felt the need to fight back. Why wouldn’t they? We retaliated against Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor for no reason back in World War II. We’re doing the same to countries in the Middle East.

The latest threat is ISIS, but the way to defeat ISIS isn’t with guns, bombs, bullets and artillery. The only way to defeat ISIS is through love, compassion and acceptance. If these so-calledĀ terroristsĀ were just accepted with open arms, they would lay down their guns, knives and IEDs and we could bridge the gap between the Western and Eastern world.

It’s that easy! ISIS is only a threat if you let them be a threat. If you talk to them, reason with them, if you explain to them that though we may have different beliefs, we can coexist peacefully, they’ll listen. Members of ISIS are human beings too who are fully capable of listening to reason if only the US had the capacity to open a dialogue. We started the war, we can end the war. Build bridges, not walls.

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