Five reasons we should ignore the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden

Sometimes it's best to sweep allegations like these under the rug if it ensures a Democratic victory

As we have heard, Joe Biden was accused of sexually assaulting a woman over the past few years. Generally speaking, we should believe all women, but only when they make accusations against conservatives or right-wing figures. When they make accusations against left wing politicians, it becomes a bit of a grey area.

Here are five reasons why we should simply ignore the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

1) There is no evidence that it happened

Since there is no evidence that the sexual assault took place, we can easily dismiss it. Witnesses could easily lie and since Biden is the presumptive nominee of the Democratic party, there is motive to lie about an assault like this.

2) Joe Biden denies that it happened

There’s no reasons to believe that Joe Biden ever lies. He is of a sound mind, morally and consciously and he is doing everything necessary to defend himself – which in this case means telling his truth. If he says it didn’t happen, chances are rather strong that it didn’t happen.

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3) Joe Biden is married

Married people don’t have any reason to get physically or romantically involved with other people – much less sexually assault them.

4) It was most likely an accident

Let’s be real. Joe Biden is up there in age. It’s completely possible that this was simply a misunderstanding – or perhaps he accidentally committed an act that may have been interpreted as sexual assault when instead he was just trying to smell her hair or give a massage. Anything is possible.

5) It increases the likelihood that Trump will win the 2020 presidential election

Let’s face it – if we dwell too much on Biden’s alleged sexual assault, it would make him look bad. If he looks bad, people won’t vote for him. If people don’t vote for him, Trump will win again and we can’t have that. Under these circumstances, some may argue that a few sexual assault allegations – even if they are true – are the price to be paid for political victory. It’s best to sweep it under the rug.

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