It’s time to admit that China did an extraordinary job at handling COVID-19 and should be praised

It's bigoted and racist to assume China is lying simply because they are not white

It’s abundantly clear that conservatives and right wingers love to express their racism against minorities – and the coronavirus pandemic spares no exception for their bigotry. To not believe minorities means to not trust minorities. To not trust minorities means to fear, hate and resent minorities. For this reason, we must believe China when they say they have fully eradicated COVID-19 in their country.

When they say they have no new cases, they have no new cases. When they say the have no new deaths – there are no new deaths. To assume just because they’re not of Caucasian descent that they’re lying about their numbers is bigotry – plain and simple.

We need to be congratulating China on their exceptionally efficient job at handling the coronavirus pandemic. It may have started there (because of Trump’s misogyny and climate change denial) but they have gained control over the situation in ways the US could only dream of.

If that isn’t enough, we should believe the World Health Organization. The WHO has been praising China left and right since the beginning without ever getting any facts wrong. If China says they are good to go and the WHO says they are good to go, that means they are good to go.

To assume without evidence that they are lying, is bigotry and racial hatred. Our country has no place for oppression to that scale. This is why we must write in Bernie Sanders come November so we can have the democratic socialist utopia our founding fathers envisioned for our nation.

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