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Facebook’s “Care React” has been hijacked by alt-right extremists and is already considered a hate symbol

Please share this article to prevent people from accidentally committing hate crimes.

Over the past week, Facebook rolled out it’s new “Care React” which is now a “react” option for Facebook posts. It features a friendly smiley face hugging a heart and was initially meant for people to express caring thoughts.

Unfortunately, alt-right extremists and white supremacists have hijacked this symbol and are using it as a dog whistle to signal bigotry across all posts.

The ADL has expressed condemnation for the new hate symbol.

Facebook’s popular “Care React” has been adopted by militant separatists and white supremacists to espouse their belief in racial supremacy and spread their tentacles of hate into the public sphere. Please be aware you are helping spread white supremacy and contributing to the oppression of black, brown and LGBTQ people everywhere when you use this hate symbol.

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We need to be above the hate. If you want to express your care or thoughtfulness for another individual, use the heart react and not the “care react.” Please share this article to prevent people from accidentally committing hate crimes.

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