Adele’s fatphobic weight loss decision set the body positivity movement back 50 years

"Now that she lost weight, I no longer feel like I have anything in common with her"

Body positivity means one thing and one thing only – it’s okay to be morbidly obese. Fatness should be celebrated, not shamed. Adele’s fan base is easily in the millions if not tens of millions – and she used to be an icon for fat acceptance.

This ended the moment she bragged about her “life changing” weight loss. Adele is no longer the fat icon so many bleeding heart liberals aspire to look like. No, instead she is yet another privileged white individual who cowardly abandoned her identity-defining body proportions in pursuit of patriarchal gender expectations.

Many former fans are expressing their disdain for Adele’s selfish decision.

I was fat my entire life and Adele was my favorite singer. Now that she lost weight, I no longer feel like I have anything in common with her. This is causing me depression and anxiety. It’s Adele’s fault that I am miserable now.

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Body positivity is supposed to be a positive thing. Beauty doesn’t have a size and shape but we know for sure that fat is beautiful. Anyone who willingly loses weight is submitting to the patriarchy and should not call themselves feminists.

Diversity is our strength.


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