Brave liberals call cops on white man wearing MAGA hat in public during pandemic

Now is not the time for racist hate symbols to be displayed in public while lockdowns are still in place

As if the world wasn’t dangerous enough, a California man was caught wearing a red Make America Great Again hat outside in a blatant display of racial bigotry against women and minorities. Since it’s already clear that Trump’s coronavirus is more lethal against blacks and people of color, displaying a symbol of white supremacy is not only insensitive, it’s just plain wrong.

Couple that with the fact that Trump ordered those infected with coronavirus – predominantly people of color – to inject bleach and disinfectants directly into their veins, this is clearly another overreach of Trump’s bigoted administration.

On May 11th, a California man by the name of Chad Hardsworth was seen wearing a MAGA hat as he walked “casually” down a sidewalk near Newport Beach. Not more than a few minutes after the ghastly sighting, three brave liberals (and Biden voters) called the police on the blatant display of hate.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was literally shaking. After I called the cops on the judgmental bigot, I intended to watch has he had his hat ripped off and his racist ass thrown into jail – but the police didn’t arrest the guy. They just let him wear the hat in public! I’m literally shaking. This is Trump’s Amerikkka!

  • Susan Shinerback, 24, Newport Beach

Apparently racist displays of bigotry is still considered “free speech” in Trump’s America. Can only hope that once Biden is rightfully elected, that he will undo everything the cheeto in cheif has done and bring dignity back to our country. Diversity is our strength.

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