Groundbreaking new study suggests high-risk COVID-19 patients more likely to die than low-risk COVID-19 patients

Neil Cavuto dragged for speaking truth to power

While some would claim there is no such thing as a principled conservative, the tolerant #Resistance welcomes among its ranks the Never Trump Republicans — known as such because their vitriolic hatred of the current White House occupant outweighs their hatred for the last one.

Jennifer Rubin is one of the GOOD conservatives — the kind who doesn’t hold any conservative opinions.

Once such Never Trumper (who happens to be a journalist) has become the target of a brutal Twitter harassment campaign after objectively reporting on a GROUNDBREAKING new COVID-19 study.

Principled conservative Neil Cavuto revealed on Monday that high-risk individuals who are prescribed the unapproved drug hydroxychloroquine are substantially more likely to die from the coronavirus than people with zero underlying health conditions.

Unprincipled conservatives (i.e., alt-right Forever Trumpers) were naturally livid because Trump supporters are vehemently anti-science.

Neil Cavuto deserves to be praised for his heroism. It takes great courage to stand for truth over facts, particularly when telling the truth about this president grows more dangerous by the day.

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For this reason, Journalist Excellence Worldwide (the world’s premier journalism certification agency) has opted to break with precedent in bestowing upon a Fox News (👎) host the sacred title of Approved Journalist.

Welcome to the ranks, Neil. Tissues are in the cry closet.

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