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United Nations faces backlash after using last month’s gender-inclusive language

UN awaits cancellation over genocidal propaganda

The United Nations is facing serious backlash after firing off a tweet that was clearly intended as a microaggression against emotionally vulnerable populations.

UN Women is the United Nations entity dedicated to the eradication of gender diversity via the promotion of women‘s issues. They are notorious for producing seemingly-innocuous infographics intended to sow confusion while radicalizing politically-moderate individuals into Alt-Right extremists.

This particular image is only one such example of their propaganda, one that utilizes outmoded language to inflict irreparable harm upon already marginalized minorities.

We no longer use specicentric terminology such as “humankind” because it is dehumanizing to the furry community, whereas words like “owner” and “police” can be highly triggering to African Americans.

Using last month’s politically-correct language is a common radicalization technique because the average time it takes a new word or symbol to end up on the ADL’s Hate on Display Database (courtesy of Four Chan) is approximately 27.1828 days.

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Whether or not the United Nations understood just what they were tweeting is a moot point because the fact that UN Women even exists is an affront to peoplekind.

There will be a reckoning. Progressives are already calling for the cancellation of the United Nations and favor creating a new, more tolerant world order with help from our Chinese and Venezuelan allies.

To correct the record (and hopefully prevent at least some of our readers from having their lives torn apart due to an innocent slip of the tongue), NPC Daily fact checkers have compiled the following table, and it will be updated accordingly.

congressmanlegislatorpersyn of
policemanpolice officerbastard
family namepod number
firemanfirefighterpersyn of

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