Wake up America: It is time we elect the CCP into office in the 2020 election

With the Chinese Communist Party doing their best efforts to stop the Coronavirus while the Trump administration spreads their daily hate, it might be time for America to elect the CCP into the White House.

If there’s one thing the Coronavirus has taught us, the American people, is that the man who leads our country right now as President, Donald Trump, is someone who’d rather spend all day spreading hate on twitter instead of helping us Americans. While the president was spreading this hate however, the Chinese administration has been working hard, locking down infected areas and promoting safe social distancing measures no matter the cost.

All of this has made me wonder why haven’t we elected the CCP into the White House in 2016 and why no one seems to support them to run in 2020. Despite being the example to the world on how to deal with this deadly virus no one seems to accept that they would better lead America and rather have their favorite cheeto man run again.

So America, please learn your mistake from 2016 and vote the CCP, an actual competent administration in 2020 so we can finally have our freedoms back and go outside once more.

NPC Contributor

When NPC Daily gets an exceptional submission on the "submit an article page", it's posted from NPC Contributor. Everything on this site is satire.
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