Racists appropriate FBI crime statistics, suggest only 8.5% of black lives matter to progressives

Unauthorized use of crime statistics against the progressive left

White supremacists are appropriating FBI crime statistics to push the narrative that only SOME black lives matter to tolerant progressives.

Known as the 8.5 Percenters by virtue of their #8point5BLM hashtag, these racist, right-wing conspiracy theorists claim that the lives of 91.5% of black murder victims do not matter simply because the media chooses to ignore them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. ALL black lives matter, yet some clearly matter more than others.

While no one but a fellow klansman is liable to mourn the murder of a black Republican, entire communities turn out to peacefully protest the lynching of innocent young black men like Michael Brown and Treyvon Martin — both murdered by white supremacists.

The white supremacist responsible for the Treyvon Martin lynching may have also masterminded the Jussie Smollett attack

The reality is that while 90% of black murder victims have their lives cut short by black offenders, that is a hate fact and therefore has no place in any serious public discourse.

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Which leaves white people responsible for 98.5% of black murders.

So why is the FBI willing to turn a blind eye to the fact that 98.5% of white people are murderous racists, choosing instead to push the Alt-Right conspiracy theory that so-called Black Identity Extremists pose a greater domestic terror threat than white supremacists?

Because the FBI is clearly racist, and as we saw from Donald Trump’s 2018 endorsement of Nanzi Pelosi, white supremacists look after their own.

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With the rising terror threat of white supremacy, white nationalism, and white people in general, it has become clear that we need a morbidly obese black womxyzn in the White House now more than ever.

“We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men.”

  • Don Lemon, approved journalist

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