NPC Daily endorses career criminal in Nevada’s GOP Primary

The #NeverMindy movement picks up steam

Only in Trump’s America would an unbiased news outlet like NPC Daily be forced to do the unthinkable: endorse a Republican candidate. Yet endorse one we must — insofar as the Nevada Republican primary goes — in order to prevent a nefarious she-beast from usurping the congressional seat of NV-03’s Democratic incumbent, sweet Susie Lee, who bravely voted to impeach Donald Trump for the crime of winning an office that rightfully belonged to Hillary.

The she-beast in question is none other than Mindy Robinson, a right-wing troll with whom our readers will undoubtedly be familiar given her history of causing trouble for principled progressives.

From repeatedly cyberbullying beloved civil rights leader Bishop Talbert Swine to making hateful and intolerant remarks about loving and tolerant actress Debra Messing — no, calling black Trump supporters mentally ill does NOT make Debra a “racist bitch” — Mx. Robinson has proven herself as vile a womxyzn who’s ever lived, one who would surely delight in the company of mass murderers like Ted “The Zodiac” Cruz and Donald “The Orange Man” Trump.

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She is also a massive hypocrite, claiming to stand for free speech and capitalism until a certain NPC Daily reporter chooses to express himself by stealing her identity and setting up a fraudulent GoFundMe account in her name — at which point she is suddenly in favor of censorship and regulation and getting me kicked off of Twitter.

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But perhaps the most DANGEROUS thing about Mindy Robinson is her platform — and the particular appeal it holds for Nevada voters. (The legal ones, at any rate.)

• Pro-Gun Violence

Mx. Robinson is a fervent supporter of the Second Amendment even though guns can be used to commit crimes (including acts of self defense) against marginalized minorities

• Pro-Voter Suppression

Mx. Robinson seeks to deprive registered voters in 49 states of the right to vote in Nevada elections — and she means to strip undocumented citizens of their voting rights entirely.

• Pro-Unemployment

Mx. Robinson favors putting people out of work by imposing term limits on Congress

• Pro-Orange Man

Orange Man Bad

Mindy Robinson is clearly a threat to Susie Lee, and that makes her a threat to ALL Nevadans. Which is why NPC Daily has no choice but to endorse her opponent Dan “Rubber Stamp” Rodimer.

Unlike Mx. Robinson, Mx. Rodimer has no real platform to speak of beyond party solidarity and “red wave”. Dan is pro-whatever-the-GOP-establishment-supports, and frankly, I find that sort of collectivist mentally both comforting and familiar.

His wife Sarah is firmly embedded in the political establishment community — making her quite the asset to her husband, who from time to time will find himself in handcuffs after violently assaulting someone.

(With regard to those five fraud and nonpayment lawsuits, we all make mistakes. Some of us just make them habitually.)

Rubber Stamp Rodimer poses no discernible threat to Susie Lee. The blonde harpy does. Which is why NPC Daily is officially endorsing the politically-connected career criminal with the anger management problem in the Nevada Republican primary.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Excellent news! The issue has already been addressed, thanks to the latest Democratic innovations in mail-in voting:

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