Racism and white privilege have finally been eradicated thanks to brave looters and rioters

A very special thanks to our brave looters, rioters and protesters.

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that violent riots and the destruction of private property of those who had nothing to do with the issue at hand is the most effective way to make change. Luckily, the brave denizens in Minneapolis which spread to Los Angeles, Portland, New York and other large areas around the country have adapted this mindset and set a course for social change.

We must not forgot the reason for the looting and the rioting to begin with. An unarmed black man was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, so that means destroying a store in Oregon is the next logical step to bring justice.

We’ve had the privilege of talking to an individual who shared his experience on the receiving end of these powerful and effective measures for social change.

The gift shop I opened up here in town was looted and set on fire by a mob of angry rioters. At first I was devastated because I had put my entire life’s savings into that store but then one of the rioters told me, “Capitalism is evil. Don’t put inanimate objects over the lives of innocent black people.” I then realized how selfish I was and now I’m glad they burned down my business.

If this tells us one thing, it’s this – violence and destruction are good as long as we can continue to blame white cops.

We can finally way with absolute 100% certainty that racism has officially been destroyed. A very special thanks to our brave looters, rioters and protesters.


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