Six reasons why it’s ok to peacefully riot in the streets but not ok to protest the lockdowns

Conservatives need to understand that it's ok to disregard social distancing and protest in large groups as long as it's for #BlackLivesMatter

There seems to be some misconceptions about the priorities of the first amendment and conservatives have pounced on the false claim of hypocrisy. The following are six powerful reasons why it’s perfectly fine to disregard social distancing and COVID-19 safety measures when rioting for justice.

Rioting is the language of the unheard

Famously said by Martin Luther King Jr., a riot the language of the unheard. The Black Lives Matter movement has never made any noise, never been noticed and has never garnered any attention. This is the first time that #BlackLivesMatter is associated with positive action and social change.

The riots are justified

If there’s one thing we know for sure, the riots are justified. Nothing says “black people should be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve” quite like peacefully looting, stealing and breaking into department stores and small businesses. Let’s not forget that hundreds of white Trump supporters gathered in some places with guns. No bullets were fired and no one got hurt but still, it was uncalled for and clearly 10x more destructive than the riots going on right now.

COVID-19 unfairly targets people of color

In yet another spurt of white privilege, coronavirus doesn’t affect white people nearly as much as it does black people. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is a tool of positive change against COVID-19.

White people have looted from black people for over 400 years

Since it’s no secret that all white people are guilty of oppressing black people, peaceful riots can be understood. Destroying the property of white people hundreds of miles away from the George Floyd murder is a drop in the bucket compared to the systemic racism that black people face every second of every day. Being black in this country is indeed a death sentence. The riots are a way of fighting back.

Rioting is therapeutic

Therapists agree that individuals with pent up anger and/or anxiety need an outlet. Some turn to mindfulness, some turn to coloring, some turn to music and dance – some turn to rioting. Are we really going to deny black people who area already oppressed in America their right to therapeutic remedies? We shouldn’t dare.

COVD-19 is suspended until justice is served

Social distancing doesn’t apply and neither does sanitation or masks. COVID-19 understands the injustice of George Floyd and considering the fact that there are Black Lives Matter protests happening throughout the world and not just America, it’s more of a global understanding that COVID-19 is put on pause until racial equality is finally achieved.

Please share this article to bigoted conservatives who feel their unjustified protests against the government shutdowns is somehow on par with the peaceful Black Lives Matter riots sweeping the country right now.

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