NPC Daily contributor Anna Slatz gets out of Gitmo

Obidenbama negotiates detained journo's release

NPC Daily contributor Anna Slatz was detained Tuesday evening via executive order and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay, where she was mercilessly interrogated about Barack Obama’s birth certificate. (CLICK HERE for details.)

Upon learning that Mx. Slatz, a Canadian, had voted for him in multiple primaries, President-presumptive Joe Biden called his best friend Obama, who is so popular with the armed forces that they’ve been known to trail after him holding parasols wherever he goes.

With a single phone call, the former president managed to get both Anna and her cellmate Fatima released. Fatima unfortunately no longer has a home to return to — the remains of her caliphate having tragically fallen to US-backed forces in 2019 — and has thus filed for emergency asylum in the United States.

Mr. Obama personally arranged for Anna and Fatima to be flown to Minneapolis, where they were warming greeted by Ilhan Omar.

Anna’s attorney Andy Kuntz is reportedly seeking damages on her behalf, up to and including Trump’s removal from office.

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