Greensburg State University First College Campus To Offer Free Tuition To All Black Students

Can we get a hallelujah! Pennsylvania gets it and is in the right direction with their reparations. As we all know, blacks in this country are still oppressed like never before. It’s as if Civil Rights never even happened. Worse in fact. African Americans have it so bad in this country that other countries look at us as completely barbaric for how we treat our people of color. We have all to thank for positive and peaceful movements like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Since all black Americans descended from slaves, they inherited lives of unrelentingly poor treatment, which is why you see so few successful black people in America. Well, that’s about to change. Greensburg State University just approved a tuition hike to pay for a few more campus buildings. However, incoming black freshmen in Fall of 2017 will have to pay zero tuition! Since white people are privileged to begin with, Greensburg State University is also the first to demand an increase in tuition from exclusively white students. It’s only fair. The chancellor of the district has this to say about it:

We’re proud of our progressive steps but we as a society have a long way to go. If there’s one thing that Black Lives Matter has taught us, it’s that they know how to be peaceful despite a constant onset of discrimination. I’m proud to have GSU be the first American university to offer tuition free education for all black students. It’s the least we can do as a society to start offering the reparations for slavery we so desperately need to repay.

– James Doodleheimer, GSU Chancellor

With time, all of the universities in America will offer free college tuition for blacks and discounted tuition for other minorities based on subjective privilege basis. White Americans, of course, would be paying full price or more in order to justly offset the free or discounted tuition for people of color.

We applaud Greensburg State University for setting the example and setting the bar so high for social justice.


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