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Trump’s 2020 strategy REVEALED: Exploiting black deaths to bolster the economy

Black lives do not matter to conservatives

Just when we thought Fox News and Trump could not lower the bar any further, they (of course) did. Trump’s xenophobic rhetoric may have begun around 2015, but his bigotry has surged exponentially with time.

“George is looking down right now and saying this is a great thing that’s happening for our country,” said Trump on Friday, whilst cruelly gazing at recently bought stocks on his smartphone. Repulsive.

It is a well-established fact that mainly Republicans get wealthy off of the stock market. Once slavery was outlawed, white male capitalists invented the stock market in order to figuratively enslave POC. The stock market, therefore, has directly contributed to the current poverty and crime rates in the black community.

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Knowing this, Fox News willingly and shamelessly admitted on air Friday that people (remember, largely conservatives) are making money off the deaths and oppression of POC. The most prominent of these capitalist pigs is none other than Donald Trump. An anonymous White House source told NPC Daily of a private phone conversation between Trump and Sean Hannity of Fox News. Trump allegedly (definitely) said the following:

“Good news! I invested 50% of my campaign funds into the stock market the night after George Floyd’s death. Tremendous! Best economic news ever! Can you help me cover this up, Sean? I can’t be impeached for this, right?”

We at NPC Daily are confident that you, the collective, will protest until Earth’s most heinous dictator is finally impeached! Only then can systemic racism finally be eradicated.

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