Minneapolis mayor recovering from red-pill scare

After city's riots, Frey said to have been watching alt-right Youtube

Jacob Frey, the mayor of Minnesota’s capital city, has been released from the hospital and given the O.K. to resume his official duties after an overdose of “reality” nearly made him right-wing, a spokesperson for the city said Friday.

Sources say the mayor, despondent after seeing his city burn and being publicly humiliated by Black Lives Matter protesters, had begun watching Youtube videos from problematic sources such as the notorious alt-righter Ben Shapiro. Family members noticed and called 911, whereupon Frey was rushed to the hospital then kept under psychological observation for more than 48 hours.

Experts say that progressives subjected to traumatic experiences such as Frey was can undergo a rapid and dangerous shift in worldview or political orientation, a phenomenon commonly known as “being red-pilled,” or “being mugged by reality.”

Doctors say they’ll continue to monitor Frey’s condition, which entails close scrutiny of internet use. “The primary danger is that he again happens upon a Youtube video by a white nationalist like Ben Shapiro or some Prager U content by the dangerous race traitor Candace Owens,” said Frey’s physician, Oghaleoghene Chakrabarti. “In his weakened and vulnerable state, he’s liable to think that conservative policies are kinda sensible or that Trump’s actually not that bad, and from there it’s a short step to neo-Nazism.”

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