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Paw Patrol is a hateful white supremacist show that teaches children to be bigots and hate minorities

Paw Patrol is a propaganda, or should we say proPAWganda tool to brainwash children into becoming racist Trump supporters

Stunning and brave liberals and Black Lives Matter activists got it right when they brought down Paw Patrol. Paw Patrol is a propaganda, or should we say proPAWganda tool to brainwash children into becoming racist Trump supporters.

This is done by making the police, an understated natural force of evil and violence, seem like the good guys (they aren’t). So when a show that is primarily geared towards children is teaching children to respect police, admire police and even aspire to become police by making the protagonist a fluffy kid-friendly dog – it’s sickening.

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We have heard the input of many parents from around the country as the propaganda platform became dismantled.

I had no idea how hateful Paw Patrol was until I saw the peaceful riots and protests from Black Lives Matter. I checked my privilege and realized that the show is making my child want me to vote for Trump. This is unacceptable and must be cancelled.

  • Karen

Black Lives Matter doesn’t get nearly the amount of attention as it deserves given the fact that Paw Patrol has overshadowed every aspect of our culture and news over the past few weeks. Enough is enough.

We must accept tolerance and diversity in order to move forward and we do this by suppressing hateful messages taught in bigoted shows like Paw Patrol.

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