Unapproved journalism CANCELLED as Google and NBC team up to take down right-wing news sites

Adpocalypse has officially moved beyond YouTube

The Alt-Right suffered a serious setback with Google’s ad cancellation of two Stormfrontesque propaganda sites, The Federalist and Zero Hedge.

“We have strict publisher policies governing the content ads can run on and explicitly prohibit hate speech against politically-useful minorities,” a Google persyn of spokes said in an email to NPC Daily, adding that violence against anyone other than cops, Trump supporters, and small business owners is likewise forbidden.

“We’d like to thank our friends over at NBC News for bringing to our attention that their competitors have been pushing racist conspiracy theories about the #BlackLivesMatter riots being anything less than peaceful, and that random internet users are citing FBI crime statistics in the comment sections. As a result of this brave feat of journalism, their competition has been demonitized, and we have forwarded all personal information on the sites’ contributors over to Antifa for immediate doxxing.”

NPC Daily wholeheartedly supports the cancellation of problematic facts and ideas that could potentially be used to meddle with future president Joe Biden’s upcoming landslide victory.

Google projects Joe Biden will take all 538 electoral votes

We only hope The Daily Wire will soon be next, given Ben Shapiro’s ties to literal Nazism — which is the WORST kind of Nazism of all.

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