Hate Crimes

Racist hand gesture, thought extinct, spotted in San Diego

White Hispanic pleads innocence as unwitting knuckle-cracker

Radically woke groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are on high alert this week after an alleged spotting in San Diego of the white-power hand gesture which happens to be peculiarly identical to the OK sign. Activists with anti-racist NGOs had assumed the trollish hate-signal was no longer in use.

According to a report by a local NBC affiliate, a utility company employee while driving a work truck was displaying the heinous sign on a day of heavy Black Lives Matter protests. An eagle-eyed witness snapped a picture and posted it to social media, whereupon the employee was fired with extreme prejudice.

The accused gesturer insists he had no knowledge of the racist-nature of the gesture, and was merely cracking his knuckles. He added that he’s not even white but Hispanic, and one with a very diverse family. But journalists on the case say the George Zimmerman precedent applies, and are consequently referring to the suspect as a “white Hispanic.”

Meanwhile, radical movement leaders are issuing directives to ensure their ranks remain vigilant. “Fortunately my people haven’t seen any hate signs flashed,” one leader said, “but with a long hot summer ahead of raised black fists, it’s gonna be white knuckles all the way.”

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