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What Hate Speech Is And Why It Should NEVER Be Allowed Anywhere Ever

Right wingers love hate speech. Their bigoted, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, anatidaephobic and downright racist worldview gives them no shortage of things to spew hate about and this is NOT ok.

So many people have the same question though: What exactly is hate speech?

To put it simply, hate speech is anything moderately offensive to members of the LGBT community, Muslims, plus size people and feminists. If you misgender someone – even by accident – you’ve just engaged in hate speech and should check your privilege. If you have an opinion differing from a liberal point of view and you have the audacity to voice that opinion, that’s hate speech. If you even attempt at using statistics or other forms of evidence to dispute anything, and we mean anything said by a woman, a person of color or a minority, it’s hate speech. Don’t do it. Really, it’s not that hard to NOT use hate speech.

The first amendment does NOT protect against hate speech. You have the right to peacefully protest, just as Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been doing, but you do NOT have the right to voice an opinion that can in any way be interpreted as even slightly offensive to some.

Why not? Because if you offend someone or hurt someone’s feelings, you could send them flying into a spiraling depression that not even a safe space can help. If they can’t be treated with playdough or silly putty in a college safe space, they might try to harm themselves. Is this what you want? Is this your idea of free speech? Of course not. That’s why speech should be monitored and regulated. See our article about why the first amendment should be abolished.

If you see anyone saying anything even slightly offensive, even if they’re joking, you have every right to report them for harassment. Microagressions are a real thing and need to be taken seriously in the highest priority.

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