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ADL adds Nazi symbol to hate file after Facebook pulls Trump ad

Apologizes for previous omission of Hitlerian red triangle

The Anti-Defamation League was caught with its pants down Thursday after Facebook pulled a Trump ad for containing – no surprise – Nazi imagery. The graphic in question, an inverted red triangle, was then found to be conspicuously absent from the NGO’s hate-symbol list, gifting the Trump campaign a cop-out.

The usually stunning and brave NGO is typically renowned for the Database of Hate it maintains on its website. The dossier is reported to be so comprehensive it contains every hate symbol known to man, and to strike fear into the hearts of dangerous extremist groups like the Proud Boys.

Once the snakes in charge of the Trump team’s response realized the ADL’s lapse, they struck, as is their cold-hearted wont. After citing the omission they went on to point out that the same triangle is often used by antifa groups in their logos. So what, say semioticians, that just demonstrates that some symbols can be wicked or good – depending on who’s using them and what for.

In the interests of full disclosure, NPC Daily has done extensive anti-hate work with the ADL in the past, advising the NGO on less-recognizable dog whistles such as the “thumbs up” symbol of white supremacy and the “two genders” gesture targeting persyns of nonbinary.

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