Twitter teaming up with Joe Biden to verify blackness: Trump near breaking point

Cultural push to illustrate the authority of people of color by their verification on Twitter

Twitter has always been a hotbed of white supremacy with such accounts as Eric July, Kanye West and Thomas Sowell garnering millions of followers. These accounts are tarnishing the Blue Check Mark by weaponizing the social media site for the indoctrination of voters that rightly belong to the Democratic Party.

Twitter is now partnering with President elect Joe Biden, and whichever black woman he decides has the best smelling hair, in an attempt to silence the racist white menace. A new Black Check Mark will be unveiled in a stunning display that reportedly has Donald Trump melting down to the point he had to order extra ‘hamberders’ to eat angrily. To get the Black Check Mark, Joe Biden will be personally vetting all applicants so there is no question as to their blackness.

The campaign is launching with a star studded lineup of ambassadors who will sport the first Black Check Marks. The formidable gang of verified black people includes Sean King, Rachel Dolezal and dark horse inclusion Elizabeth Warren, proving once and for all that her 23andMe results were tampered with by the Russians.

Insiders say enraged present occupant of the White House, Donald Trump is close to a breakdown because racism. This just further clarifies that he hates black people. Reportedly, Trump has been seeking counsel from his closest friends, fellow dictators Vladamir Putin and Kim Jong Il. He is widely tipped to be planning a trip to Russia to cool off as the hourly rate for a full bladdered woman is much less there.

Aisha Victim

Raised in poverty and fear, this 36 year old refugee is now seeking to use the noble art of journalism to spread the message of peace and collectivism from zher religion and former homeland to racist white people. Happily married for 30 years, zhe quickly recognized that Islam and socialism are the only way to defeat authoritarians like Trump.
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