Largest spike in US COVID-19 cases is the direct result of Trump’s irresponsible rally in Tulsa Oklahoma

Trump's Tulsa rally has caused the largest uptick in national coronavirus cases since the outbreak

The US broke its record for the largest spike in coronavirus cases in a two day period today, reaching a staggering 98% increase, or over 11 million cases. Racists will tell you that the increase in COVID-19 cases are the direct result of the protests of hundreds of thousands if not millions of stunningly brave liberals gathering in formation to take down white supremacy.

This is obviously not the case. Since the Trump virus is the direct result of Trump’s bigoted foreign policy and environmental racism, it goes without saying that the largest spike in US COVID-19 cases is the direct result of Trump’s recent Tulsa rally.

According to the World Health Organization, even in a pandemic, WHO believes that public protests are important. Simply put, this means that protesting racism in densely packed groups is fine despite the threat of COVID-19. It says absolutely nothing about Trump’s racist rallies.

That being said, it can only be logically deduced that the recent spike in the national COVID-19 cases isn’t due to the protests of hundreds of thousands of densely packed people screaming and coughing on each other but is instead directly the result of Trump’s rally in Oklahoma. This makes Trump even worse than we though.

Diversity is our strength.


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