NPC DAILY FACT CHECK: Is Donald Trump responsible for the Trump Virus?

CLAIM: “The coronavirus originated in China.”

FALSE. The World Health Organization says it is racist to claim the Wuhan Virus originated in China and that assigning blame should be avoided at all cost. There is zero evidence to suggest that greater transparency could have prevented a relatively localized outbreak from spiraling into a global pandemic.

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CLAIM: “Trump is not to blame for the coronavirus pandemic.”

FALSE. As reported in the Chinese and Iranian media, America was responsible for the coronavirus outbreak.

Republicans seem to think they can take credit for Obama’s economy while passing the buck on other things that happen on Trump’s watch. Perhaps if the current White House occupant had not colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election away from Hillary (who won the popular vote), Hillary would have been afforded the opportunity to save us all.

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CLAIM: “China is asshoe.”

FALSE. China is NOT asshoe.

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