Biden Center at Penn State to be renamed to sound less white

Penn State admits mistake of honoring straight, caucasian male self

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that putting his name on the globalist think tank he founded at the University of Pennsylvania was a huge mistake, and that the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement will be renamed promptly and in a Change-appropriate manner.

“I don’t know what I was thinking, man,” said Biden, who grew up with white privilege during the Jim Crow era. “I mean naming a diplomacy thing at a college after an old white man like me in this day and age, that’s frankly dangerous to lives of color.”

Campus activists had been demanding the change since the center was founded in 2018, saying that the name Biden connotes oppressive historical factors such as Dixiecrats, segregation, statues and even pro-police sentiment.

Staffers at the center are reportedly in talks as to whom the center will now be named for. Sources say the decision will be made according to proper intersectionalist criteria, which would suggest a female of color, and one possibly trans or differently-abled.

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