“I divorced my husband because he said ‘all lives matter’ instead of ‘black lives matter'”

More and more woke liberals are taking action against those who say "All Lives Matter" over "Black Lives Matter"

When bigots refuse to comply with liberal ideology, you have to hit them where it hurts. This is what Natalie Prescott, a master’s degree student from UC Davis did in mid June of 2020.

She was married to her husband Chad Prescott for six years with a baby on the way but the realization that she was married to someone who hated minorities was understandably too much to handle.

We were fortunate to get a quote from her as she stands strong with the support of the entire BlackLivesMatter movement behind her.

After a day of burning down a white-owned KFC in downtown Davis, I came home to my husband only to realize that we still had all of our belongings and assets and that he didn’t give them away to a person of color for reparations. I told him to repent and just say the words “Black Lives Matter” but instead he said “All Lives Matter.” I was devastated, heartbroken, I couldn’t bare to look at him. I divorced him the next day and scheduled my abortion the following week.

  • Natalie Prescott, 26, UC Davis

Everyone should take notes from the stunning bravery of Natalie Prescott. If you realize that your spouse is a bigot and defending the notion that “All Lives Matter” (which is racist), you should divorce them. If your parents defend the idea that “All Lives Matter,” you shouldn’t speak to them. If your children say the same thing, you should have them read White Fragility until they realize the error of their ways.

This is the world we live in. Some of our closest family and friends could reveal themselves to be absolute intolerant bigots by muttering the words “All Lives Matter.” The only way to be accepted is to shout the truth “Black Lives Matter” and give your belongings to a black person because let’s face it – if you’re white, you’re privileged and have 400 years of ancestral privilege that you need to atone for. Diversity is our strength.


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