CONFIRMED – Michelle Obama Running For US President in 2020

Yes he did, and so will she.

In a stunning turn of events, Michelle Obama announced on Saturday, January 12th, that she is now fully intending on running for president in 2020 to restore America back to its former glory.

I have officially decided to run for president in 2020. I have my heart set at restoring America to its prime in the way my husband made it. I believe America deserves a second chance and I will be America’s hope. And this beautiful country of ours can still dawn a bright day for its first female president. I look up to Hillary Clinton for inspiration as I can think of no better political role model in my journey to the presidency.

– Michelle Obama, Washington Conference of the State

It’s happening! And boy are we happy it is. It’s no secret that Barack Obama made America truly wonderful. Our national debt was at an all time low while our GDP was at an all time high. We had free healthcare nationwide and our conflicts overseas were at a minimum.

Ever since Donald Trump took the presidency, the entire fabric of freedom woven by Barack Obama has been shredded and burned. Trump claims to be making America great again, but is destroying the foundations of our liberty from the ground up.

We needed Obama then and we need Obama now – and who better to succeed Donald Trump than Michelle Obama? The first female president to break the glass ceiling will finally come to fruition. Thank you Michelle Obama for giving us the hope we all so desperately need!


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