Kanye West’s presidential bid prompts Biden to question star’s racial authenticity

"If he runs against me he ain’t black," candidate says

It was a bold and controversial call Joe Biden made two months ago on Charlamagne tha God’s Breakfast Club radio show: that black people who don’t vote for him are, in fact, not black.

The Democratic presidential candidate, responding to the surreal news that Kanye West would be running against him, doubled down on that existential judgment. Biden wasted no time in declaring the hip-hop superstar nonblack.

“I’m sorry to all the Weezy (sic) fans out there, but rules is rules,” Biden said. “And like I used to tell Cornpop at the pool, we Democrats got you black voters by the shorthairs.”

The former Vice President added that his “bestest, bestest friend” Barack Obama backs him up on this point literally and expodentially (sic), but that Biden asked him not to say so publicly. Obama has been known to cast aspersions on West, such as referring to him derisively as “a jackass.”

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