Brave antifascist protesters desecrate capitalist Walt Disney statue in Disneyland

"Walt Disney was a white supremacist capitalist and doesn't deserve a statue commemorating his bigotry"

Liberals and antifascists across the nation are making headway in correcting history and rewriting the past to justifiably demonstrate the fact that America was never great, its founders were evil and the “American Dream” is rooted in white supremacy.

It doesn’t take much of a logical leap to come to the conclusion that Walt Disney, founder of the entire Disney endeavor, was a capitalist who would have been a slave owner had he lived in the 1700s. For this reason, he does not deserve a statue. Disneyland is a in icon of capitalism and Walt Disney is a perpetrator of oppression.

Thankfully, brave liberals and Biden supporters took to Disneyland in Anaheim, California to desecrate and vandalize the statue of Walt Disney. This should be seen as a message to those who hold any amount of positive regard for the Disney franchise – if you continue to support this oppressor, you are a part of the problem.

For this reason, it would be justifiable for not only this Walt Disney statue to be torn down, but for every other Disney statue as well – not only of him, but all Disney movies should be boycotted, every VHS and DVD burned, every Disney book shall be re-written to include support for Black Lives Matter and anyone who is seen wearing a Disney shirt should be seen as wearing a KKK hood, or worse, a MAGA hat.

Walt Disney is a confederate Nazi and is not good enough to occupy even the deepest recesses of memory and should be wiped clean from history. Only then will the world know that the left is the party of tolerance, diversity and acceptance.


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