Trump’s withdrawal from the W.H.O. and banning of TikTok proves he’s racist against Asians

Trump is pulling the US out of two Chinese owned institutions out of sheer bigotry and racism

In one move, Trump has managed to demonstrate his racism towards Asians in an act of predictable bigotry. Today, Trump has decided to pull the United States out of the World Health Organization, an organization ran by the Chinese (Asians).

The only reason why Trump decided to pull out from the W.H.O. is rooted in his deep hatred towards Asian’s and Asian Americans. With his racist rhetoric referring to the Trump virus as “Kung Flu” and blaming China (an Asian country) on the coronavirus instead of himself, he’s providing proof and evidence of his hatred towards Asians.

Furthermore, China owns the popular app TikTok. Trump’s banning of the TikTok app on the sole reason that it’s made by the Chinese is further proof that he hates Asians.

This is why we need to vote for Biden in 2020. Not only is he not racist against Asians but he will double the amount of money the United States gives the World Health Organization, in other words, China.


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