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Resurfaced CNN video from 2013 proves that Don Lemon is a white supremacist and should be cancelled

Don Lemon said some hateful racist things about black people in 2013 and his career should pay the price

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that hate speech is unforgivable. It makes no difference how long ago you said it or the context of the phrase in question – if you speak hate, you must pay the price.

Don Lemon is no exception. Don Lemon is a formerly respectable CNN commentator who spent the last few years engaging in the correct way of thinking and opposing anyone who thinks incorrectly (conservatives.)

However, a video resurfaced from 2013 that proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Don Lemon is in fact a bigoted white supremacist who hold a close disdain towards black people.

TRIGGER WARNING – the video below contains hate speech. Watch at your own risk.

Not only does Don Lemon refer to Bill O’Reilly, a bigoted conservative, and say that he’s correct, he goes ones step further – or should we say five steps further.

Don Lemon adds to Bill O’Reilly’s bigotry by naming five things that black people need to do to “fix their community.” It’s shameful, embarrassing and hypocritical. He says the following points:

  1. Pull up your pants
  2. Stop using the N word
  3. Respect where you live
  4. Finish school
  5. Don’t have a baby out of wedlock

Needless to say, it is racist to tell anyone not to do any of the aforementioned things – especially a black person. If you tell a black person to pull up their pants, it’s racism, plain and simple. Blacks should have the right to wear whatever they want. It’s what MLK fought in the civil war for. Blacks should be able to take back the N word because it’s theirs to own. Blacks shouldn’t feel the need to respect where they live if they live in a country that oppresses them. Blacks shouldn’t need to finish schools because they should be getting reparations instead. Finally, blacks shouldn’t need to worry about having babies out of wedlock because, obviously, they have Planned Parenthood for that.

In conclusion, Don Lemon is a racist, a white supremacist, might as well wear a MAGA hat during his next interview, and should be cancelled.

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