Hate Crimes

White supremacy runs rampant among queer Canadian cops

Black lives do not matter to LGBTQIAP+ police officers

West Vancouver police have come under fire after taking to social media in a malicious attempt to doxx a pair of Black Lives Matter activists they accuse of “defacing” their ground mural.

“Defacing” is a derogatory term that has long been used to strip African Americans (and African Canadians) of their agency, dating back to the days of minstrel shows when white people used to symbolically rob them of their faces.

“Covering their crosswalk with a racist ground mural AND using racial-insensitive language? This is some Jordan Peterson-level bigotry.” • Justin Trudeau, avowed anti-racist

2017 saw the addition of black and brown stripes to the Pride flag (because black lives matter), which was how the ROYGBIVLGBTQIAP+ one came to be used as a symbol of white supremacy by the LGBTQIAP+ Alt Right.

TOP: the official flag of white LGBTQIAP+ pride.  BOTTOM: American variant.

Yet many white progressives felt that straight black and brown lines bordered upon a homophobic microaggression — far too triggering for the fragile psyches of racial minorities.

And so 2018 brought with it two further revisions: the bending of the black and brown lines and the addition of light pink and baby blue in a nod to Planned Parenthood.

When BLM activist Comrade Norm [last name withheld] and his theyfriend Sharon spotted the hateful sigil painted upon the crosswalk outside the West Vancouver police station, they decided to clap back at white supremacy and dismantle racism by boldly driving over said crosswalk.

That the West Vancouver Police would encourage the doxxing of these two brave activists just proves what NPC Daily has been saying since April 2017 — the police are a white supremacist institution that exist only to oppress persyns of color and the white progressives who speak for them.

The only way to end this genocide is to abolish the police entirely, vote Trump out of office, and send white people to prison. Preferably in that order, because Joe Biden needs as many white votes as he can get lest Kanye successfully swindle him out of the black ones. (Perhaps CNN was right to label him Trump’s illiterate token negro.)

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