Hate Crimes

Goya brand to be categorized as “hate food” amid CEO’s praise of Donald Trump

Liberal push to for the consumption of Goya products to be considered an official hate crime

Regardless of the fact that Goya is a Hispanic-owned brand, the fact that the CEO said anything remotely nice to Donald Trump is an unforgivable act of treason. As we know, any association with the bigot in chief can only be met with scorn and contempt. With that being said, it will soon rightfully be considered a hate crime to consume Goya brand products. Goya will now be categorized in a new form of alt-right activism called “hate food.”

What is hate food?

In short, hate food is any food that represents bigotry, hate speech or white supremacy. In other words, conservative values. Among other hate foods would be milk, which is claimed by alt-right white supremacists as their beverage of choice, and cheetos, which is reminiscent of Trump’s skin color.

Goya is the first brand to be added to the “hate food” category. Consuming or purchasing any Goya products will soon be a cancellable offense. We urge anyone who previously favored the Goya brand to stop favoring it. We urge everyone who currently has Goya brand products in their house to throw it in the garbage where it belongs.

Goya is the latest brand of white supremacy. Avoid it like you would any bigot in a MAGA hat.

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