Biden vows to “beat the hell” out of Chinese president Xi

Pugilistic threat seen as campaign ploy to counter soft-on-China image

Seeking to counter a general perception that he kowtows to China, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden came out swinging this week, promising that as president he’d take China’s leader to the cleaners.

“This Xi cat better watch out, cuz if we ever cross paths at a summit it’ll be no tickee no shirtee,” Biden told reporters, referring to Chinese President Xi Jin-ping. “I’m telling ya, I’ll meet him in the pagoda, and go wanton on his pooh-bear ass, and I’ll be ready for all of that oriental hi-ya karate chop stuff, too.”

This isn’t the first time Biden has threatened fisticuffs with a political adversary, as he’s previously said he’d take President Donald Trump behind his old high school gym and give him the business.

However, some geopolitical experts say that Biden, at 77 years old, is now far too old and frail to get in a fight, so is probably just talking out of his ying-yang.

NPC Contributor

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