It’s time to admit that hydroxychloroquine is a racist drug and should be banned

Hydroxychloroquine is white supremacy in pill form and should be classified as a schedule 1 narcotic

If there’s one thing we know for sure without the shadow of a doubt, it’s that the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine is harmful, deadly if ingested. Furthermore, hydroxychloroquine is a racist pharmaceutical substance that spreads bigotry and hate throughout one’s body.

For this reason, hydroxychloroquine should be banned and should entirely and categorized as a schedule I narcotic. Brave house liberals are pushing to have hydroxychloroquine regulated under strict DEA enforcement. Anyone caught in possession of the bigoted hydroxychloroquine substance will be sent straight to prison – and then subsequently released immediately because of COVID-19.

In fact, anyone even saying the word hydroxychloroquine should be faced with a hate crime – with exception of the terminology used in this informative article.

Please share this with your friends, family and congressional representatives so the truth about hydroxychloroquine’s bigoted and racist side effects are understood.


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