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The only way to rid the world of COVID-19 is to elect Joe Biden for President in 2020

It's time to understand that COVID-19 will go away immediately once Joe Biden get elected in November

COVID-19, or the Trump Virus as it’s more properly referred, is the direct result of Trump’s poor handling of race relations, climate change, gun control and medicare plans. Trump’s racism has directly resulted in the 180,000 lives and counting that have been lost due to the virus.

Simply put, Trump and COVID-19 are interchangeable terms. Once we get rid of Trump, the virus will go away. In short, once we elect Joe Biden in November, the virus will in fact go away.

Once we elect Joe Biden, we will no longer need to socially distance, we will no longer need to lock down, stores and businesses can open back up as well as gyms and restaurants – our lives can go back to normal. Joe Biden will take a cognitively enhanced hands-on approach to tackling COVID-19 in a way unparalleled by any country.

This is just one more reason to vote for Joe Biden. If you are not put off by Trump’s bigotry, disdain for minorities, treasonous acts of tax evasion or his affair with Stormy Daniels, do it to combat COVID-19. Do it to take out the Trump Virus. Vote Biden 2020.

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