David Duke comes out in support of Black Lives Matter movement

"God works in mysterious ways," says former Klan leader

Community activist David Duke has reportedly come out in support of Black Lives Matter, insisting the decentralized movement of loosely-affiliated Antiracists were doing “God’s work.”

“How many ****** have they killed so far? Hahaha, seriously? Now I love BLM! God works in mysterious ways.”

  • Dr. David Duke, Lincoln Project contributor and former leader of the KKK

Dr. Duke’s past is not without controversy — having supported Donald Trump’s 2016 run — though in recent years he has come out as a strong proponent of social justice, frequently expressing his admiration for Muslimx persyn of congress Ilhan Omar and Womxyzn’s March organizer Linda Sarsour.

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While it is true that Black Lives Matter activists have thus far murdered at least 30 people and are likely responsible for the deaths of several hundred more, it is important to keep in mind that black people who murder other black people are in fact victims themselves — victims of internalized racism resulting from white supremacy.

And while it is also true that only 16% of Black Lives Matter protestors self-identify as black, that figure is superseded by the number of BLM protestors who are #BlackEnough4Biden.

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“White people who murder black people can be victims of white supremacy themselves,” Nikole Hannah Jones (the journalist behind the 1619 public school curriculum project) told NPC Daily.

There is a difference between being politically black and being racially black, and Biden supporters fall into that first category.”

  • Nikole Hannah Jones, historian

We reached out to senator Mazie Hirono of Alaska to ask how what percentage of these peaceful BLM murderers could — statistically speaking — be undercover white supremacists.

“All of them,” she confirmed. “Statistically speaking, that is. One of those pigs who got themselves offed was put down by a Latinx BLM supporter who has been positively identified as a member of the far right by approved journalist Ben Collins.”

“Ben Collins is something of an alpha bull among the journalism community,” explains NPC Daily media analyst Tina Pool. “No one has exposed more Secret Nazis than Ben. So if Ben says the BLM murderers are actually undercover white supremacists — or if he makes the same claim about Antifa parody accounts on Twitter — you should definitely believe him. I mean, it’s not like he would simply make something like that up, no matter what my stupid QAnon conspiracy theorist brother might claim.”

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