It’s time to admit that looting is just a form of reparations and should be respected

Looting and peacefully rioting is a therapeutic way to take reparations into one's own hands

Let’s face it, there is no place worse on the planet for blacks and African Americans than the United States. At every point in history, blacks have been persecuted, executed, scrutinized and punished for the color of their skin. It’s worse today than it ever has been in the past.

Brave liberals and loyal woke Democrats have been pushing for reparations and equal treatment for black people since the Democratic party was founded. Reparations could easily be paid by giving upwards of $10,000 a month to any and all black individuals in the country for the next seven generations – but Republicans continually obstruct such rational legislation.

So if the government doesn’t give free money to black people, what are they to do besides loot, steal and riot? It’s silly to assume that they’d be willing to work given their history of historic persecution – so they are left with no choice but to take reparations for themselves.

Looting is a just a form of reparations being taken into one’s own hands by the persecuted. Looting is respectable and shouldn’t be conflated with criminal intent. That’s why here at NPC Daily, we have developed some ways to show your support for people of color. Wear it loudly and proudly!

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