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NPC DAILY FACT CHECK: Who put the Latinxlings into their cages?

CLAIM: Orange Man puts brown children in cages.

Michelle Obama claimed during her uplifting and inspirational speech at the Democratic National Convention that Orange Man puts brown children in cages.

TRUE. And don’t let the far-right MSNBC reporters who actually visited the Latinx concentration camps gaslight you into believing it was all a lie.

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CLAIM: White supremacist Ben Shapiro (the father of the Alt-Right movement) recently claimed without evidence that Barack Obama (the father of the Black Lives Matter movement) put brown children in cages.

FALSE. This vicious lie has been perpetuated for years by the enemies of social justice, who claim (again without evidence) that Democrats and their media allies have been falsely attributing Obama’s actions to Donald Trump.

Just because the only kids-in-cages photos circulating social media were taken during the Obama era, that doesn’t mean Obama was responsible for all those crying brown children.

Obama never put kids in cages. ICE put kids in cages. That’s why we need to abolish ICE and impeach Donald Trump before he can get re-elected in November.

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